IF meteo == FROID && style == CLASSE THEN buy(Item.HOODIE_IFTTD)

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class IFTTD_Hoodie: def __init__(self): self.material = "Cotton blend" self.design = "Minimalist IFTTD_podcast_logo" self.sizes = ["S", "M", "L", "XL"] self.is_for = ["podcast_aficionados", "code_lovers", "comfort_seekers"] def wear(self): return "Stay warm and cozy with the IFTTD touch!" def is_it_for_you(self, current_temperature, person_preference): return current_temperature < 15 or person_preference == "always_comfy" def purchase(self): print("Adding HOODIE_IFTTD to your collection...") print("Warm up in tech style with the IFTTD hoodie!") # Usage: hoodie = IFTTD_Hoodie() current_temp = 10 # You can adjust this based on the current temperature preference = "always_comfy" # This can be adjusted based on the individual's comfort preference if hoodie.is_it_for_you(current_temp, preference): hoodie.purchase() else: print("Even if it's warm outside, the IFTTD hoodie always feels just right!")

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